VJ Guy Bio 2017:
Scott Guy is a Toronto artist. While studying VFX HCI and 3D design he learned the foundation of his skills he now uses as a content creator and visual installation designer.
Scott started to perform as a Vj June 2003 after attending school for 3D Animation training & then working as a assistant at Alias Wavefront a Toronto 3D Software company. At A|W he completed a short 3D animated film in his spare time called Cosmic Ascension. He gained advanced skills in 3D software tools like Maya and got hands on experience with high end prototype displays and interactive hardware.
First presenting his animation at Om Summer solstice festival In 2003, a looping 10 min short on VHS at the main music stage performance by band Canal. Every year since then he has been there improving his experimental Live Video Art installations, working with fellow artists and organizers at Solstice Gathering co-creating this unique local event.
 At that first show Scott met Director and VJ Peter Mettler who was something of an inspiration afterward. He was also recruited by Toronto event promoters Black Light Activists (BLA) for his visual skills and they went on to do many great events together featuring cutting edge music deco and projections.
Taking the rightful stage name Vj Guy he has performed his special brand of visuals hundreds of times. Scott has crafted installations in the most prestigious public and private venues around Toronto like Casa Loma Pearson International Airport and Young & Dundas Square. However his true “VJ” form was forged in the underground music and arts scene around Ontario. Performing with some of Ontario’s leading edge special event production groups.
He is known in the electronic dance and DIY event scene for setting up custom screen installations in any environment and performing beautiful themed visual journeys filled with nature, aerial photography, space flight, digital simulations, geometry, visionary arts and deep zooming fractals.

Scott is an experienced performer and technician so Vj Guy is able to meet and exceed the challenges of any event size, style or format. Working as a professional show technician for several companies he has a deep knowledge of staging set ups and video projection technology. Scott is Also an experienced video game and interactive software professional for over 10 years working as a 3D artist, analyst and UX designer.
See his professional CV here –

Now specializing in 3D Video Mapping of custom surfaces, Large Format Architectural Projections, 360 Projection rooms and Domes,  and other exciting visual installations for all kinds of public and private entertainment clients around Canada and abroad. Scott is highly skilled at setting up multi ptojection systems and the operations of high end media servers like Vioso Wings Engine and Resolume Arena.

Toronto’s VJ for 15 year, creating visuals for all type of clients from high profile black tie events to underground nights of colored lights & dancing delights.
This is sample list of happy customers over the years,
ome bigger projects and repeat business.
Thanks to all my excellent supporters and partners:

  • Don Good Tequila (Blue Hour Tequila events Digital Adverts and Projection Mapping)
  • Casa Loma EMD (projection mapping designs)
  • ORP Solstice Festival (15 years Visuals Installation Design & Entertainment Coordinator)
  • Stella Artois (Projection Mapping for Grip Media),
  • Day Dream Productions (Heart Of Gold party series, Opera House)
  • South Asian Heritage Festival (Live Video Feeds and VJ @ Young and Dundas Square),
  • Energizer Night race (3 cities cross Canada with Cirqlar events)
  • OM summer solstice festival (2003 2004 BLA Stage, Interactive Installations)
  • Shakti Collective events (Regular Vj over 10 years),
  • Alien Influx (Harvest Festival 7 years contributor)
  • Zero Gravity Circus (International Circus festival, Lunacy Cabaret + Video Editing),
  • MUZIK nightclub Toronto (Resident VJ for 8 months),
  • Black Light Activists (Regular VJ for many Moons)
  • Lunacy Cabaret (Theatrical Projection Mapping designs)
  • Deep Sea Fish (Psychedelic Trance Events)
  • Canal (Live Touring Visuals),
  • Samhadi Festival (3 days Quebec)
  • RUS Productions (Annual Russian holiday parties)
  • TMK/Rus Productions (Night Boutique fashion shows,Holiday at Guvernment)
  • Carnival Electro (Original Children Production by Dan Nimmo and Scott Guy)

Shared the stage with musical artists : Canal, Sensient, Vibrasphere, Koxbox, Tegma, MOS, Tetraktas, Perfect Stranger, Penta, FM Radio Gods, Medieval Pundits, State of Bengal, Marcus Visionary, Capitol J, Dj Spins , Dj Marty Mc Fly, Dj SOS, Aerodrome, Dj Force, Darren Styles  & many more.