Vj Guy

Projection Mapping Specialist, Content Creator, Vj Performer

Toronto’s VJ for 15 years, creating visuals for all types of clients from high profile black tie events to underground nights of colored lights & dancing delights . Specializing in video projection mapping designs and experiential installations Vj Guy has the experience and vision to  Maximize The Impact Of Your Event or digital marketing activation.

  • Large Format architectural projections
  • 360 environments and full dome installations
  • Large scale 3D scanning with Photogrammetry
  • Interactive art, information kiosks and gamifacation
  • Multi projector designs wrapping objects of any size in three dimensional animations
  • Visual installations for all kinds of public and private entertainment clients around Canada and abroad.
  • Expert experience in setting up multi projection systems and the operations of high end media servers like Vioso Wings Engine, Resolume Arena, M Box, Media Master Etc.

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